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A water trail is the product of partnerships among an array of government and non-governmental entities. With volunteers as the key supporters and advocates of the trail, partnerships are developed among government land managing agencies, private property owners, government regulatory agencies, user groups, and local businesses. Together, these groups can create, maintain, and promote a successful water trail with broad-based and long-term support.

Austin Barry and Jo Ellen Congratulation

The Swatara Watershed Association has had great success partnering with Eagle Scouts for Maintenance and improvement of the Swatara Creek Water Trail.  For example, Austin Barry built a boat ramp, bench, and fence; Gavin Bender assembled and installed two new signs and relocated a third sign; Austin Shuey created a unique interpretive sign that visitors can turn; and Griffin Smith refurbished the remaining water trail signs—cleaning the face, repairing map boxes, and repainting all signs to their signature blue to represent water.  

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